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Most businesses spend a lot of time & money finding new customers. That’s exactly what The Barter Guy does for you. He finds new customers that you probably wouldn’t find without him. How would you like to find a brand new customer & then use that money to pay part of your rent or improve your website or make that new video to show off your business? Imagine how this will improve the cash in your business!

Attract Customers and Referrals
Use your barter network to expand your circle of trusted business partners.

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Testimonial from a Hotel General Manager

How great would it be if you could pay all or a large part of these expenses without the use of cash?

Barter is a simple way to open up a whole new world of opportunity for your business.

You might say, That would be a great idea, but how would I put that together?

Who Is The Barter Guy And What Can He Do For Me?

The Barter Guy, David Carroll, has many years experience helping companies just like yours make more money. David works with IMS Barter of Minneapolis to help your business grow. He will sit down with you to better understand your business and to determine how he can best help you. The Barter Guy works with you to spend these dollars on goods & services that you now pay cash for. Let The Barter Guy show you how to put this & other deals together that will really increase your bottom line.

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