3 Benefits To Using Barter To Purchase Ink And Toner

small__3625004217One expense that is never going to go away for businesses is the ongoing need for ink and toner.  One problem business owners may have is purchasing the ink or toner they need from a big box office supply store.  Many people have eliminated the headache of making a special trip for ink and toner by using a company called Cartridges Direct.  In this blog I’m going to talk about how Cartridges Direct can help you with your ink and toner problems as well as how you can use barter to purchase this necessary office expense, at the same time increasing your bottom line.

What is the actual cost of ink and toner on our environment?  It’s more than the price of the product when you buy it off the shelf.  Think about what it costs to send an employee on this errand if you’re too busy to do it yourself?  What if they get into an accident along the way?  Is the price you’re paying at the retail store really the best deal out there?  Scott Vonderharr with Cartridges Direct wants to solve each of these problems for you.


Not only will Cartridges Direct save you time and money, they also help to save the environment!  Cartridges Direct offers remanufactured ink and toner cartridges that adhere to strict guidelines so rest assured, they are as good as new.  Actually, they are better than new because every time you go with a remanufactured cartridge, you prevent the following from happening:

  • The use of 3 ½ quarts of oil to manufacture a new toner cartridge
  • Taking up to 450 years for a toner cartridge to decompose
  • Each toner cartridge creating 3 ½ lbs. of landfill waste
  • In a year the world’s empty printer cartridges stacked end-to-end would circle the earth 3 times

Free Delivery

It’s pretty easy to spend over $50 on ink and toner, wouldn’t you say?  On orders over $50, Cartridges Direct offers free delivery of your purchase.  This eliminates the worry that your employee may get into an accident on this errand and it also saves you from having to go yourself, which adds to your valuable time at the office.

Best Deal

Since Cartridges Direct offers remanufactured cartridges, you save between 25-50% off the retail OEM prices at the stores.  Also, Cartridges Direct is a proud member of IMS Barter so you can use barter dollars to purchase ink and toner!  Not only do you save time, you increase your bottom line by using barter to pay for things you would normally pay cash for.

To use barter instead of cash to buy your ink and toner, contact me David Carroll The Barter Guy at 952-856-8866 or connect with me on Facebook and LinkedIn. Do it today before you run out of ink and toner again!