3 Ways Business Owners Make More Money

small_61056391-150x150Are you a business owner looking for more customers? Many businesses that have had free time to fill in their week have had great success using the IMS Barter network to find these customers. In this blog, I’ll explain how barter can help get you more customers and make more money.

I have yet to come across a business owner who isn’t looking to make more money. I have, however, run across business owners who look at “free time” in their week as time that is costing them money. Barter is one solution some businesses have found to fill up some time in their week. My clients have joined IMS Barter to help make this process easy and to help them make more money.

By joining IMS Barter, you join a network of thousands of other business owners. These business owners earn IMS barter dollars by doing work for other members in the network.  Since they can spend their barter dollars anywhere in our network, and they’d rather use these dollars on things they would normally spend cash on, they will contact you to spend their IMS Barter dollars. A great benefit of barter is that you can then turn around and use those dollars to generate more cash.  Here are some examples how that might work for you:

* Using barter dollars to advertise for new cash business.

* Earning the trust of IMS members so they refer you other customers that pay cash.

* Spending your barter dollars on things you would normally pay cash for

By spending your barter dollars on things you would normally pay cash for, like cleaning services, travel, entertainment, office rent (and much more!), you keep your money in your pocket, thus increasing your bottom line. IMS Barter also exposes your business to our network of members you wouldn’t have met otherwise!

Are you a business owner who wants to turn their “free time” into cash? Contact me; David Carroll The Barter Guy at 952-856-8866, to learn about the other ways you can use barter to increase your bottom line by 5-10%. Be sure to connect with me on Facebook and LinkedIn to receive my weekly blog updates on how other IMS members are using barter to boost their bottom line!