A Restaurant Gains More Profit Advertising With IMS

small_5683224123-150x150If you’re a restaurant owner, a Groupon representative has most likely approached you to offer your fare at a deeply discounted rate in order to get the word out about your restaurant. Groupon does put you in front of people that may have otherwise driven right past you, but their model begs the question: how do you make money? When you sign up for Groupon what you walk away from after the deal isn’t much at all. If you agree to offer $50 worth of food for $25, Groupon takes half of what you’ve sold the gift certificate for. So, after you get your cut of $12.50 and you’ve factored in your costs for the food, if that patron never returns you have barely broken even. With barter if someone spends $50 of their barter dollars with you, which feel like a coupon, after the $6 cost of doing business you get to walk away with $44.00.

Groupon Barter
$50 Gift Certificate $50 Barter Dollars
Sold for $25 $6 cost of doing business
Net to owner $12.50 Net to owner $44.00




IMS’s barter dollars not only feel like a coupon to other members, but as a restaurant owner, it’s also a brilliant way for you to get in front of customers you might never have been in touch with in the first place. As a restaurant owner you will be on our IMS barter website and other IMS members will be able to use their barter dollars to purchase a meal through your restaurant. If they like the dining experience, which they will, they will become steady customers who will refer their friends and family members who will become cash paying customers. Offering coupons and discounts to get people to try your food is a necessary part of the restaurant business. The Barter Guy can help you find out more about this new way of getting the word out about your restaurant!