Advertise Using Barter Dollars

medium_370408063-150x150When business is slow your gut reaction is to beef up advertising. But what happens when you look in your advertising budget and you see a bunch of zeros and those zeros have no other numbers in front of them? People use barter dollars for advertising all the time. It might be difficult for someone to think about bartering with an advertising company, such as a magazine, when your good or service isn’t something that an ad agency would necessarily use. With one on one or business-to-business barter, there is always the chance of someone feeling like they got the raw end of the deal. Using a barter exchange like, IMS, puts a broker in the middle to get rid of this worry and frustration. Because IMS works hard to make sure everyone in the network is getting business, our brokers have made the connection with Minnesota Monthly for other IMS members to advertise with.

Minnesota Monthly is a magazine that lets Minnesotans know who the best doctors, restaurants and shops are in the state. Advertising in this monthly publication is sure to give your business a boost. The best part about using barter dollars to advertise is it’s sure to help you get cash business. So, if during the slow months you put out a coupon and it gets you business, that’s great. You’re still getting work, but at a discounted rate. Why not use barter dollars to get cash business? Don’t worry if your IMS account is also showing a bunch of zeros, IMS will let you borrow against your account so you can pay those dollars back in the form of work when business picks up again. This is perfect for new businesses. Like I said, we want to help you get more business. In fact, on average you’ll gain 5-10% more than what you would have had without joining IMS.

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