Twin Cities Metro Women Directory Connects Women in Business

large_8412601296When The Barter Guy approached Shannon Johnson of Twin Cities Metro Women Directory, joining the IMS Barter Exchange directory was a no brainer for her. Shannon understands the importance of including barter as part of your business. It’s a great way to reach out to new businesses and connect with them. Twin Cities Metro Women directory is a free bimonthly publication featuring businesswomen of the metro. Shannon connects women by maintaining an online directory, a newsletter, as well as a printed publication. Funding for the publication comes from women in business advertising both on the website as well as the printed publication. This service is offered through barter and ranges anywhere between $119/month – $639/month. Women are consumers too and in this publication you’ll find anyone from realtors, financial experts, to skin care consultants. The possibilities are limitless as to who is going to see your advertisement. So, if you’re a woman with a start up business, getting connected with other women of the metro area will get you the exposure you need to be successful. Aside from additional exposure for your business in Twin Cities Metro Women Directory, you’ll find support and tips to make the day-to-day balancing of schedules for both business and home a little easier.

  • Tips for saying “no”
  • Five habits of successful people
  • Simplifying life
  • Tips for putting yourself first and how that benefits others

If you’re a woman who is new to the metro area, becoming familiar with this directory will help you feel connected with other women in the Twin Cities area. If you’re a woman with a start up business, but don’t have a lot of dollars for advertising, contact The Barter Guy to join the IMS network and use barter dollars for your advertising. Together The Barter Guy and Twin Cities Metro Women Directory want to get you connected so your business can fly as high as you want it to. Be sure to follow The Barter Guy on Facebook and LinkedIn to keep on top of all the great ways barter can help you grow your business on average of 5-10%.

Video Testimonials Through Barter Will Boost Business

large_6355318323-150x150One of the most powerful advertising tools is a video testimonial. Written testimonials are great, but who’s to say you didn’t make them up to put on your website? Of course, you would never do that, but visitors to your website don’t know that. Think about how much more powerful it would be to have actual customers talk about their experience with your business to your potential clients. It’s almost as good as a word of mouth testimonial. What makes video testimonials even more powerful is a professionally done video. This shows that good customer service is important enough to you to spend time and money on it to make sure your philosophies are highlighted properly.

Not only will this make your website more interesting, thus keeping potential customers on it longer, it will also help you by way of improving your SEO. Your videos should all link to YouTube. Clicks on your website that take people to external sources increase your rating with Google, thus bumping you up on the search engine.

So, we now know that video testimonials and SEO are both very important things for your business and will help you gain more clients. How you go about achieving this is where I come in. IMS has professional videographers in their network for you to use your barter dollars on. This is yet another case where you can use barter dollars, instead of cash, to advertise for your business and gain cash paying customers in return. This will then leave your cash free for you to use for things you can’t pay for barter dollars with, such as office rent. If you’re interested in learning about all the ways barter can not only keep cash in your pocket, but also get you more cash business be sure to follow The Barter Guy on Facebook and LinkedIn for weekly tips.

Advertise Using Barter Dollars

medium_370408063-150x150When business is slow your gut reaction is to beef up advertising. But what happens when you look in your advertising budget and you see a bunch of zeros and those zeros have no other numbers in front of them? People use barter dollars for advertising all the time. It might be difficult for someone to think about bartering with an advertising company, such as a magazine, when your good or service isn’t something that an ad agency would necessarily use. With one on one or business-to-business barter, there is always the chance of someone feeling like they got the raw end of the deal. Using a barter exchange like, IMS, puts a broker in the middle to get rid of this worry and frustration. Because IMS works hard to make sure everyone in the network is getting business, our brokers have made the connection with Minnesota Monthly for other IMS members to advertise with.

Minnesota Monthly is a magazine that lets Minnesotans know who the best doctors, restaurants and shops are in the state. Advertising in this monthly publication is sure to give your business a boost. The best part about using barter dollars to advertise is it’s sure to help you get cash business. So, if during the slow months you put out a coupon and it gets you business, that’s great. You’re still getting work, but at a discounted rate. Why not use barter dollars to get cash business? Don’t worry if your IMS account is also showing a bunch of zeros, IMS will let you borrow against your account so you can pay those dollars back in the form of work when business picks up again. This is perfect for new businesses. Like I said, we want to help you get more business. In fact, on average you’ll gain 5-10% more than what you would have had without joining IMS.

Contact The Barter Guy and connect with me on LinkedIn to learn about all the ways barter can help you grow your business and connect with other business owners.

Barter Can Help You With Your Taxes

small_5524891107-150x150It’s that time of year again – tax season! You’re probably wondering how barter can help you with tax season. While we can’t do your taxes for you, we can put you in touch with a trusted accountant through our barter network so you can pay your accounting fees through barter. If you’re self employed tax season renders images of endless receipts, mileage books, writing a check to the IRS instead of receiving one, and finding a good accountant to make sure everything is filed correctly. IMS and The Barter Guy have already done the work of finding a trusted CPA for you and found Dennis Dane of Dane Tax Solutions. Dennis is part of the IMS barter network so now is the perfect time for you to look into barter for your own business. When we find you customers through our network, it’s new business you may not have come across without IMS. This new business is tracked through our system giving you barter dollars when work is completed. Come April, or before then if you’re not a procrastinator, you can use those barter dollars to pay your accountant which is something you would have used cash to pay for anyway.

Barter isn’t a completely new concept. It was used all the time when currency was hard to come by. But we can all agree that cash is king, so why not use barter dollars in order to keep your cash in your pocket? Use barter to pay for:

  • Accounting fees
  • Signage for your business
  • Printing
  • Many more business expenses!

Contact David Carroll, your Barter Guy today to find out about how you can keep your money in your pocket! I’d love to hear your comments and stories about how barter has helped you. Be sure to ‘like’ my Facebook page and forward on my blog to your LinkedIn contacts so I can hear more about how barter has worked for you!

Hotels Fill Vacant Rooms With Barter

small_31645974981-150x141Hotel owners and managers all know what the biggest drain on their business is; a vacant room. When that room is vacant, that business is gone forever as there’s no finding another customer to replace what was lost that night. There are several things hotels do to try to fill rooms each night. Patrons can takeadvantage of deals on different travel sites, hotels offer rewards programs, they even team up with credit card companies to enable guests to use mileage points. Another program to get new guests in the door is barter. Once your hotel is in the IMS network, you’ll gain access to customers you wouldn’t have had before joining the IMS network. IMS patrons will use their barter dollars to pay for their hotel stay at your hotel which will give you access to barter dollars that can be used for things you would normally pay cash for:

  • Carpet cleaning
  • Signage
  • Linens
  • Furniture
  • Painting
  • Pool Maintenance

The list goes on! With barter you will find business that you wouldn’t have seen otherwise. Since eventually every hotel will have to enlist the above services, why not get some of those empty rooms rented with barter instead of letting them go vacant and getting nothing for them. If you’re a hotel owner or manager of a hotel and you want to know more about how barter can keep your rooms full night after night, contact The Barter Guy. Be sure to ‘like’ my Facebook page to get weekly updates on how barter can help you find new business!

A Restaurant Gains More Profit Advertising With IMS

small_5683224123-150x150If you’re a restaurant owner, a Groupon representative has most likely approached you to offer your fare at a deeply discounted rate in order to get the word out about your restaurant. Groupon does put you in front of people that may have otherwise driven right past you, but their model begs the question: how do you make money? When you sign up for Groupon what you walk away from after the deal isn’t much at all. If you agree to offer $50 worth of food for $25, Groupon takes half of what you’ve sold the gift certificate for. So, after you get your cut of $12.50 and you’ve factored in your costs for the food, if that patron never returns you have barely broken even. With barter if someone spends $50 of their barter dollars with you, which feel like a coupon, after the $6 cost of doing business you get to walk away with $44.00.

Groupon Barter
$50 Gift Certificate $50 Barter Dollars
Sold for $25 $6 cost of doing business
Net to owner $12.50 Net to owner $44.00




IMS’s barter dollars not only feel like a coupon to other members, but as a restaurant owner, it’s also a brilliant way for you to get in front of customers you might never have been in touch with in the first place. As a restaurant owner you will be on our IMS barter website and other IMS members will be able to use their barter dollars to purchase a meal through your restaurant. If they like the dining experience, which they will, they will become steady customers who will refer their friends and family members who will become cash paying customers. Offering coupons and discounts to get people to try your food is a necessary part of the restaurant business. The Barter Guy can help you find out more about this new way of getting the word out about your restaurant!

Using Barter Dollars to Pay for Dental Work

small_8220697632-150x150Being a long time believer of barter exchanges, Harold Gruesner of Out Source Technology joined IMS Barter when David Carroll, The Barter Guy, acquired the Minnesota franchise of IMS. After acquiring work immediately after joining IMS barter, Harold soon discovered his daughter needed her wisdom teeth pulled. Wanting to use barter dollars for this procedure, Harold called David and asked for the name of a dentist in the barter group. Being a new franchise, David asked for a little bit of time to find a dentist to join the group. A week later David called Harold with a name of a dentist who agreed to join and Harold made an appointment for a consultation. Having gone to the same dentist for the past 25 years, Harold and his daughter first interviewed the dentist and toured the facility. After the interview and tour both felt comfortable and made an appointment to have Harold’s daughter’s wisdom teeth taken out. The surgery cost around $4000 and Harold was able to pay for most of the procedure using IMS barter dollars. That’s $4000 cash he can use for other necessary cash expenses such as mortgage or car payments.

This truly is a win-win barter success story. Even though Harold had been going to the same dentist for 25 years, he decided to give a new dentist a shot because of their association with IMS barter. Now, a new relationship has been formed between patient and dentist. Shortly after Harold’s daughter’s wisdom teeth procedure, Harold discovered he needed some dental work done. He liked the attention and facility of the new dentist so much he decided to return there for his procedure and has been a cash paying customer ever since. So, through IMS, Harold found a new dentist and the dentist found a new cash-paying client. At the end of the day, Harold got a new customer that paid him with barter dollars. Therefore, Harold got a new customer, that customer paid Harold in barter dollars and Harold used barter dollars instead of cash for his dental work and was able to save his cash for other purchases.

Let IMS and The Barter Guy connect you with new prospects. It’s a fact that there are some things that are just difficult to pay cash for. Dental work, printing, advertising, and several intangible things that are necessary to run a business. Once you try barter, you’ll be a believer just like Harold.

Barter is Changing the Way the World Does Business!

small_5416543588-150x150International Monetary System or IMS is a barter group that helps you market your business and find new customers. Perhaps you’ve thought of how handy barter would be, if only you could find someone to trade with that has a product that you’d like in return. Once you do find someone to trade with, maybe you’ve not followed through with the deal due to fear of not getting anything in return because there is no trusted relationship with the person you are doing business with. IMS and The Barter Guy are here to help solve those problems.


Once you join IMS you will gain access to thousands of businesses nationwide to use your barter dollars on. But I don’t want to get ahead of myself. First, I want to map out how bartering with IMS works. Once you join the group a broker will take the time to get to know you and your business. We conduct a 30-minute interview with you to find out exactly what kinds of goods and services you offer so we know how to market your business within our IMS group. Then we’ll send out regular email notifications so people on our barter exchange can easily find out who you are. Once you do business with someone who is part of IMS you obtain immediate access to barter dollars. Those barter dollars can be used with ANYONE in our IMS group. Think of the things you spend money on aside from your mortgage and utilities:


  • Advertising
  • Printing
  • Legal & Accounting services
  • Web sight development
  • Vacations


At IMS we believe cash is king. That’s why we have found tons of businesses for you to work with that will take barter dollars so you can keep your cash for living expenses such as house payments, groceries, and keeping the lights on. As a new business, you will benefit as well. Instead of taking out a massive small business loan and owing money to a bank with interest, you can work with businesses within IMS for advertising, office rent, lawn maintenance, printing, or nearly any other cost associated with starting a small business. Instead of incurring a mountain of debt, you will be able to borrow those dollars from IMS and then pay IMS back when the barter exchange finds you business. It’s a smart business move that will save you on high interest rates through a bank and will also let other businesses that you work with know about the new product and services you offer.


To find out more information about this revamped method of barter contact me The Barter Guy, David Carroll. I’d love to help you grow your business.

Who is the Barter Guy and what can he do for me?

Often times when you join a barter exchange you are left on your own to find the products and services you need. Sometimes this is easy but often times it’s not. If you need a computer repair person you probably have several to choose from but one might be more suited to your particular problem than another. It is often very helpful and time saving to have someone to guide you in your search.

The real benefit of the Barter guy though comes when you need something that is not currently available in the barter group. He may often be able to find it for you. Here is a great example of that. One of our members sells welding supplies. They needed a display rack to properly exhibit their products and no current member could provide it . The Barter Guy was able to find a custom metal fabricator to join the barter group and make the display racks. Problem solved.

The story gets better though. The metal fabricator makes several products of their own. One is a baseball pitching machine. He needed someone to take photographs of the machines to use on their websites and to give to their distributors. There were several photographers in the exchange but not one that was proficient in taking good quality product shots. The Barter Guy was again able to find just what was needed. A great photographer that was also a master video producer.

The end result was that the custom metal fabricator got the photographer he needed and the barter exchange got a new member that produces high quality videos for a number of websites. Another added benefit was that the metal fabricator/ pitching machine producer was able to sell a number of machines to totally new customers and generate additional profits to pay for the pictures and other needed services.

Why not let The Barter Guy go to work for you. Finding you new customers and finding ways to protect your cash.

A Cool Real Estate Story about the use of Barter

Several years ago my wife and I decided to build a new office warehouse and both of our companies would move into it. The cost of the building was about $2,000,000.00. We were able to barter for about $400,000.00 of the cost of the building. Here’s how it worked.

I was able to sell $400,000.00 of my products to businesses in a barter exchange. I would have never sold these products if I didn’t belong to the barter group so these were additional sales. I received $400,000.00 barter dollars or barter credits for the products I sold. I was then able to use these barter credits to pay the sub contractors on the building. I used the dollars to pay the cement contractor, the wall paper supplier, the landscaper, the carpet installer and many others,

When I sold the $400,000.00 of product I had about $150,000.00 cost for labor and materials and aIso generated a profit of about $250,000.00. I used this profit to reduce the amount of cash we needed to build our building and the net result is that we have $250,000.00 less of a mortgage on the building today than we havew without the use of barter. When you figure the interest we would have paid on the $250,000.00 over the life of the mortgage the decision to use barter in this example probably is saving us over $500,000.00.

The net result here is that we generated several hundred thousand dollars in additional sales that we would have never seen without the use of barter. We then used those additional dollars to pay for goods and services that saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash. Here is another great example of how the use of barter will find you new customers for your business and help you protect your cash.