Barter is Changing the Way the World Does Business!

small_5416543588-150x150International Monetary System or IMS is a barter group that helps you market your business and find new customers. Perhaps you’ve thought of how handy barter would be, if only you could find someone to trade with that has a product that you’d like in return. Once you do find someone to trade with, maybe you’ve not followed through with the deal due to fear of not getting anything in return because there is no trusted relationship with the person you are doing business with. IMS and The Barter Guy are here to help solve those problems.


Once you join IMS you will gain access to thousands of businesses nationwide to use your barter dollars on. But I don’t want to get ahead of myself. First, I want to map out how bartering with IMS works. Once you join the group a broker will take the time to get to know you and your business. We conduct a 30-minute interview with you to find out exactly what kinds of goods and services you offer so we know how to market your business within our IMS group. Then we’ll send out regular email notifications so people on our barter exchange can easily find out who you are. Once you do business with someone who is part of IMS you obtain immediate access to barter dollars. Those barter dollars can be used with ANYONE in our IMS group. Think of the things you spend money on aside from your mortgage and utilities:


  • Advertising
  • Printing
  • Legal & Accounting services
  • Web sight development
  • Vacations


At IMS we believe cash is king. That’s why we have found tons of businesses for you to work with that will take barter dollars so you can keep your cash for living expenses such as house payments, groceries, and keeping the lights on. As a new business, you will benefit as well. Instead of taking out a massive small business loan and owing money to a bank with interest, you can work with businesses within IMS for advertising, office rent, lawn maintenance, printing, or nearly any other cost associated with starting a small business. Instead of incurring a mountain of debt, you will be able to borrow those dollars from IMS and then pay IMS back when the barter exchange finds you business. It’s a smart business move that will save you on high interest rates through a bank and will also let other businesses that you work with know about the new product and services you offer.


To find out more information about this revamped method of barter contact me The Barter Guy, David Carroll. I’d love to help you grow your business.