Cut Your Office Rent In Half Or Maybe Totally Eliminate It

You might say “That would be a great idea, but how would I put that together?”

It’s really very simple. The Barter Guy finds you an office or commercial space that is to your liking. The landlord agrees to take some or all of the rent in barter. The Barter Guy then finds you new customers for your business that will pay you in barter dollars. You use these barter dollars to pay your rent.

Here is a real life example of how this would play out:

An attorney decides to strike out on her own. The new office space she needs is going to be a big monthly expense. The rent is set at $1,500.00 per month and the landlord agrees to take $800 per month in barter and $700.00 per month in cash. She has the time available to take on new clients, which the Barter Guy finds for her. These new clients pay her in barter dollars. These are new customers which she wouldn’t have found by herself. The lawyer uses the barter dollars to pay part of her rent.

These Barter Dollars have reduced her rent from what would have been $1500 per month to $700 in cash and $800 of her time, which she had available anyway! On top of that, she now has new customers that can bring her more business through referrals that may well be cash paying customers.

The landlord in our story also comes out way ahead. He had office space which he couldn’t easily rent in this difficult market. The Barter Guy finds him a tenant that he wouldn’t have found on his own. So, instead of having an empty space where he receives nothing, he now has rented space for which he receives $800.00 in barter and $700.00 in cash every month. He can use the cash to help with his mortgage payments and he can use the barter dollars to pay for needed repairs and general maintenance on his building, such as plumbing, air conditioning, snow removal, painting and lawn care.

The Barter has put together a win-win situation for everyone.