Travel And Save Your Money

Stitched PanoramaSummer is right around the corner and spring break is upon us!  We have spring break to help us get through the months of March and April.  March is such an interesting month because the 20th is the first day of spring.  Yet, somehow after years of March being the month with the heaviest snowfall, we still get our hopes up that our world will start to thaw out!  This year was no different, and it would appear that “April showers will bring May flowers” – I hope!  Some of us head to warm and sunny destinations for spring break travels.  Some of us hunker down in our cozy homes by the fire and dare the snowstorms to ‘bring it on’.  If you dream of sunny destinations while patiently waiting out March and April because the funds simply aren’t there for you to escape, perhaps barter is a way for you to get away.  Yes!  IMS has a travel network!  We have resorts, restaurants, hotels, and almost anything you may need to complete your spring break travels.  Since our IMS network is world wide, you can travel virtually anywhere you want to go:

  • Mexico
  • Jamaica
  • Europe
  • Costa Rica

Imagine if all of that extra side work you did over the year were put into a fund and was never touched.  How much would you have?  What if you knew those dollars were reserved only for travel?  Your vacation might almost seem free!  If you’re interested in learning more about how to use barter to go to your next sunny destination, contact David Carroll, The Barter Guy, for more information.  As always, follow me on Facebook and LinkedIn for weekly tips on how you can use barter to make your life a little more stress free.