Get Your New Look With Alibi Salon By Using Barter

alibiPart of running a successful business is having a look that not only fits the type of industry you’re in, but also your personality.  Men and women have had much success in using the salon, which is this week’s featured IMS member: Alibi Salon.

Alibi Salon is a full-service salon located in the Warehouse District of Minneapolis at 401 N 3rd St. in Suite 100.  The owner of Alibi Salon, Jude Cady, got her love of the style industry as being a regular fixture at her father’s barbershop in Fridley, MN.  Jude has taken her talent all over the world to different styling events, and considering her beginning; it’s no surprise that her daughter joined the family business as well.  In fact, Jude’s daughter is in Chicago at the moment learning about a new technique for creating an updo by sewing the hair.  This technique is more comfortable than traditional updos and can be taken out with the snip of one thread.  Other services Alibi Salon offers are:

  • Haircuts
  • Colors
  • Deep conditioning
  • Makeup
  • Waxing
  • Manicures
  • Pedicures
  • Check out a full list of their service menu here!

Alibi is also so much more than a salon.  When working with brides on their day, they shut down the salon while her and her wedding party is there to ensure their day feels as special as it should.  Alibi also gives back to the community by visiting Sojourner, a women’s shelter, once per month.  During their visits, Alibi helps residents regain their confidence by offering hair and nail services to the women and children staying at the shelter.  Along with philanthropy, Alibi works to support local artists by allowing a featured artist to use Alibi walls as a gallery for their walls.

When Jude went to tackle the dream of starting her own salon, she did it mostly on barter.  She did the build-out of her salon by bartering directly with various contractors, and laborers.  So, when I presented the IMS Barter exchange to Jude, she fully understood how barter could be an important part of any business owner’s toolbox.  Now that Alibi Salon is part of the IMS Barter exchange, Jude is excited to use it to continue to build Alibi’s clientele.

Are you interested in using barter dollars to have Alibi Salon create your perfect look?  Join the IMS Barter exchange by contacting me, David Carroll the Barter Guy at 952-856-8866, and start growing your bottom line by 5-10%!  Connect with me on Facebook and LinkedIn so you can receive my blog updates, where I feature a new barter member each week!