Hotels Fill Vacant Rooms With Barter

small_31645974981-150x141Hotel owners and managers all know what the biggest drain on their business is; a vacant room. When that room is vacant, that business is gone forever as there’s no finding another customer to replace what was lost that night. There are several things hotels do to try to fill rooms each night. Patrons can takeadvantage of deals on different travel sites, hotels offer rewards programs, they even team up with credit card companies to enable guests to use mileage points. Another program to get new guests in the door is barter. Once your hotel is in the IMS network, you’ll gain access to customers you wouldn’t have had before joining the IMS network. IMS patrons will use their barter dollars to pay for their hotel stay at your hotel which will give you access to barter dollars that can be used for things you would normally pay cash for:

  • Carpet cleaning
  • Signage
  • Linens
  • Furniture
  • Painting
  • Pool Maintenance

The list goes on! With barter you will find business that you wouldn’t have seen otherwise. Since eventually every hotel will have to enlist the above services, why not get some of those empty rooms rented with barter instead of letting them go vacant and getting nothing for them. If you’re a hotel owner or manager of a hotel and you want to know more about how barter can keep your rooms full night after night, contact The Barter Guy. Be sure to ‘like’ my Facebook page to get weekly updates on how barter can help you find new business!