How Barter Can Connect You With Your Next Big Client

deephaven lifeWhen you’re in the business of connecting business owners with their clients, nobody does that better than The Barter Guy and this week’s featured member, Brad Hagfors with N2 Publishing.  In this blog, I’m going to talk about how we work hard using the power of advertising and barter to connect consumers with service providers and business owners to their next big client.

Brad started his publication through N2 publishing, more commonly known as Deephaven Life, in 2007.  Deephaven Life is a magazine for the community and by the community.  The residents are often the ones writing the articles in the publication and local businesses are regularly featured.  This is the only magazine out there that purposefully connects business owners to the residents they are marketing to.  Through Deephaven Life, numerous events are created throughout the community.  Both residents and business owners attend these events so both parties have an opportunity to do business with people they know, like, and trust.  Being extremely selective about whom he allows to advertise in his magazine, Brad is confident in referring Deephaven residents to any of the businesses in the magazine.

Brad uses barter in his business on a very consistent basis and as much as he can.  He joined IMS because of the potential to meet different business owners that he wouldn’t have met otherwise.  With The Barter Guy as his barter broker, David Carroll puts Brad in contact with business owners that he is looking for, who in turn end up advertising in Deephaven Life using barter dollars.  As a result, Brad was able to take his family on a vacation to Mexico using barter!

The Barter Guy is also in the business of connecting business owners.  If you join IMS Barter with a specific need you’d rather use barter dollars for, I can easily connect you with that person you’re looking for.  If you join IMS because you’re looking for more business, I’ll send people your way that are looking for a service you provide.  By using barter for things you would normally pay cash for, and using IMS to get your business more exposure, you stand to increase your bottom line by 5-10% at the end of the year, while keeping your cash in your pocket!

Contact me, David Carroll The Barter Guy, today to begin implementing this important tool into your business.  Connect with me on Facebook and LinkedIn to see how I’m regularly connecting business owners to their clients!