How Do You Advertise Your Business When Cash Is Tight?

small_396542727You’ve opened the doors to your new business and are ready for customers, but where are all the customers?  Your store is empty and it’s clear you need to do some advertising.  The only problem is, you don’t have any money to do the kind of advertising your business needs.  That’s where barter comes in to help new businesses.

To join the IMS barter network, contact me, David Carroll The Barter Guy.  Once you’re a member of the IMS network, not only will your new business gain exposure to all of the other members of our barter network, you will also be able to start earning barter dollars.  When you do barter work for someone in the IMS network, the barter dollars you have earned are recorded and available for you to use on things you would normally pay cash for, such as advertising!

If you’re eager to get advertising right away, you can use the advertising services of an IMS member, such as N2 Publishing before you’ve earned barter dollars.  It’s like taking a loan out from IMS.  The dollars it takes to get your advertising project done is recorded within our system and a balance is placed on your account.  When you do work for another IMS member, the barter dollars you earn go towards paying back your balance.

In both scenarios IMS allows you to use barter dollars for something you would normally pay cash for.  This leaves your cash in your pocket, increases your bottom line, and increases your network.

If you’d like to learn more about barter and how IMS can help you grow your business, contact The Barter Guy.  You can find me online or follow me on Facebook and LinkedIn to learn more.