How The Barter Guy Can Help You Start Your Own Business

small_61056391-150x150Are your dreams of starting your own business halted by a cash flow problem?  Many people have found a solution by bartering their services to get what they need to start their own business.  That’s what Daleena Lindquist did when she decided to start her own cleaning business, Perfectly Picky Cleaning.  In this blog, I’m going to talk about how I’m helping Daleena use IMS Barter to get her new business up and running.

Daleena Lindquist started her cleaning business, Perfectly Picky Cleaning, after gaining several years of experience with a cleaning company.  Her first job, before she officially opened her doors, was for her chiropractor many years ago and she’s still cleaning for him today!  As an extremely driven and detailed young professional, Daleena has never had an unsatisfied customer.

When Daleena met me, The Barter Guy, she had been bartering directly with other companies for years.  However, joining our IMS exchange network full of other business professionals made perfect sense for her and her business!

“Bartering is such a common sense approach to doing business.  I love bartering with other business owners when I need something from them.  It’s much better than just exchanging the same amount of cash.  The reason I love the IMS network is because, now I can do work for anyone and use my barter dollars anywhere!”  – Daleena Lindquist

A large part of what I do is finding business for other IMS members by making connections.  When Daleena approached me, she inquired about office space she might be able to rent in exchange for cleaning services.  She was looking to barter for office rent anyway, but quickly found that she didn’t have the time to do the necessary legwork.  That’s where I come in.  I found her an office space within a week and now Daleena has a central location in which to run her cleaning business from.  Perfectly Picky Cleaning is located in Rockford, MN, which gives her easy access to the western Minneapolis suburbs, the area Daleena cleans in.

Has reading this blog made your dreams of starting your business come alive?  By joining the IMS Barter exchange, not only will you save your cash on start-up costs, you’ll also get something even the most established companies need:  more business!  Contact me, David Carroll The Barter Guy at 952-856-8866, to learn more about how you can increase your bottom line by 5-10% at the end of the year.  Get connected with me on Facebook and LinkedIn where I share my barter success stories and blog about members who are doing business with barter!