How To Maximize The IMS Barter Exchange

Preserve Painting, Rick, joined IMS barter, he had been very familiar in using barter as part of his business.  He knew that joining a barter exchange was going to be a much easier way to manage this important part of his business, and although he’s new to IMS, he’s been extremely busy in our barter network. In this article, I’m going to share with you how Rick uses his skill of professional painting to pay for things he would normally have to pay cash for.

Wanting to start a landscaping project, Rick had an estimate done for a retaining wall. Knowing this was going to be an expensive project, Rick decided to save his cash and sought out a local landscaper in the barter network. The estimate came in at $13,000.00.  That’s a big job and the landscaper didn’t need his house painted so a direct barter wouldn’t work. However, instead of having to barter directly with the landscaper for this dollar amount, Rick is earning these barter dollars by completing three smaller projects for other people in the IMS barter network.  These three jobs are work Preserve Painting wouldn’t have had otherwise and Rick will soon be able to move forward with his retaining wall project.

Bartering your skills and services not only allows you to pay for things with barter dollars you would normally pay cash for, it also gets you new cash business.  Recently, Preserve Painting did another job within the IMS barter exchange for someone in a luxury condo.  While he was there working on the project, a neighboring resident saw the work the team was doing and hired him for a cash job!  “I don’t know how else I would have gotten into that building, had it not been for originally getting hired by someone in the IMS barter network.  I’m expecting even more jobs to come out of that as well, “ Rick said.

Barter can be an important part of your business to increase your bottom line and get you cash business.  If you’re interested in learning more about how barter can increase your bottom line and get you more business, contact me, David Carroll The Barter Guy at 952-856-8866.  Follow me on Facebook and LinkedIn where I share information on barter and barter success stories.  Share this blog with the person you know who could benefit from barter!