How To Use Barter To Market Your Business

connie kroskinWhen small business owners think about marketing their business, there are two road blocks that stop them before they even get started:  confusion, and results.  Tackling a project as big as marketing leads to confusion with many small business owners, unless they’re in the business of marketing!  Those business owners who take their marketing seriously have found a solution in hiring an independent marketing strategy consultant like one of our newest IMS members, Connie Kroskin.  In this blog, I’m going to talk about how Connie can help you strategically grow your business to the next level.

As a marketing strategy consultant, Connie helps small businesses using a three-pronged approach:

Align – think about your A-list clients.  These are the people you want to do business with, therefore are your target market.  When you become aligned with your target market, you show up on their radar. This is typically accomplished with branding strategies that you get on their radar.

Attract – as your consultant, Connie helps you attract more A-list clients by using proven marketing tactics.  Communications they respond to are developed. Hit a bull’s-eye every time and never use the shotgun approach again!

Prosper – watch your client base grow by nurturing the relationships of the contacts you’ve worked so hard to make.  Strong relationships with your clients will keep them coming back for more!

As an expert marketer, Connie saw joining the IMS Barter exchange as a smart business move.  Not only does she see the potential to grow her own business, but joining the IMS Barter exchange also opens up a new avenue, which enables her to help even more people grow their businesses.  Connie truly is concerned with helping her fellow small business owner.  She has tried bartering outside of an exchange in the past, but was disappointed when even exchanges were difficult to find.  Joining a barter network makes sense because now it’s up to her when and where she utilizes her barter dollars without worrying about whether or not the other party needs her services.  Contact Connie to learn about how she can make sure your marketing efforts get results!

Are you interested in taking advantage of Connie’s marketing expertise via barter?  Contact me, David Carroll The Barter Guy, at 952-856-8866 today to learn how barter can help you increase your bottom line.  Grow your business by 5-10% by using barter to purchase things you would normally pay cash for!  Connect with me on Facebook and LinkedIn to learn about how other IMS members are using barter to get more business!