Top 10 Reasons to Use a Barter Service for Your Business

top-10-listMaybe you’re not quite sure what barter can do for you and business, or you’re already a member and haven’t been utilizing it as much as you could. Either way, here’s a reminder of how much I, and IMS Barter can help you.

  1. The bottom line. One of the most important aspects of using IMS Barter is the exposure you get to prospects that may never have found you otherwise. And once they’ve tried your product or service, you can continue to build the relationship and possibly upsell them into other products and services.
  2. It’s easy. It can be tough to find and arrange your own barter exchanges. Do you have time to seek them out? How do you know they’ll be interested in a barter exchange? How can you be sure the exchange is equitable and they’ll fulfill their end of the deal? You can trust the IMS Barter system, where those issues simply don’t exist. I’ve also personally met with all of the members in the Minneapolis area, and have your best interests at heart.
  3. Freedom of choice. Use your barter dollars where you want to, you don’t have to do an even exchange with someone. Use yours on another business, use them in the IMS marketplace, or save them up for travel. Your choice.
  4. Save cash. Use your barter dollars instead!
  5. Use your free time to do barter work and build up your barter dollars.
  6. Personal use. There are many restaurants, spas, and home and personal needs providers in the network. Go get that massage you know you need.
  7. Business use. Need a CPA? Business coach? IT help? Don’t we all? They’re all here. Save your cash and get the quality services you need to grow and support your business.
  8. Personal attention. As your Barter Guy, I’m here to make your life easier. Is there a business you’d like to barter with that you’re not seeing in the network? Just let me know and I’ll see what I can do. Need help negotiating an exchange? I’d love to help with that too.
  9. National network. We’re big in other parts of the country too, and growing more every day. Check us out in Denver, Chicago, New York, and many other great cities.
  10. Sell excess inventory. The IMS Barter Marketplace is a great place to move excess inventory because it has national exposure

BONUS REASON: When you join IMS Barter with me, I’ll feature your business in one of my blog articles and in my social media. Have you recently joined and are ready to be highlighted? We probably already reached out to you, but contact me and we’ll get the ball rolling.

Now that you can see how much IMS Barter exchange can help your business, you may be thinking about the possibilities of what it can do for you.  Are you ready to let barter help your business?  Contact me, David Carroll The Barter Guy at 952-856-8866, to find out how you can join the IMS Barter network.  Connect with me on Facebook and LinkedIn to learn more about barter and how IMS members are making it work for them!

How To Get Your Business Found On The Web

skol marketingAre you having a hard time getting found on the web? Many people claim they can help you with this but we have someone with the experience and expertise that can actually get the job done.  This is just one of the many ways IMS barter helps you run your business.

Ben Theis is the founder of Skol Marketing, an online marketing company. Ben has extensive experience working for Google, so understands exactly how SEO (search engine optimization) works and how search engines use that information. However, there’s much more to getting found on the web than just SEO. Below are just a few of the services Skol Marketing offers that will get your phone ringing:

  • YouTube
  • Google Analytics
  • Social Media Integration
  • Website Development and Design

By using Skol Marketing to strengthen your online presence, you will give your business a professional online presence to match your professional face-to-face appearance.  By integrating your social media with your site, using Google tools, and having optimized content professionally written for your website, you will have one well-oiled machine to drive business right to your door.  Since 97% of consumers do their own product research online before buying, why would you wait?

Ben is one of our newest IMS Barter members.  He decided to get Skol Marketing in our network in order to grow his business, as well as find business that he wouldn’t have had otherwise.  Ben also saw the networking potential in joining the IMS Barter network and intends to use the directory to get his name out there.

Are you looking for a creative way to find more customers and grow your network?  By using IMS Barter, you can expose your business to our network of members who may be looking to use their barter dollars on a service you offer.  When you earn barter dollars, you can then turn around and use them to grow your business online through Skol Marketing.  By using barter to pay for marketing, something you would normally pay cash for, you can keep your money in your pocket and bring in new cash paying customers.  Contact me, David Carroll The Barter Guy at 952-856-8866 to learn more about how you can use barter to grow your business!  Have you “liked” my Facebook page yet?  I use Facebook and LinkedIn to share my weekly blog updates showcasing a different barter member each week.  Connect with me to stay up-to-date on how IMS members are growing their businesses with barter!

3 Ways To Find More Customers

small_5416543588-150x150Are you looking for more customers?  In this blog, read about a surprising way to get more business that you may have never heard of.

Sure, we’ve all heard of barter, but have you ever heard of a barter exchange?  IMS Barter is a network of business owners all willing to do work on barter.  What makes joining a barter exchange different than bartering directly with other businesses for their goods and service?  An exchange can actually help you get more cash business.  Here’s how:

Our Network Directory – By becoming an IMS member, you join the thousands of other businesses in our directory.  IMS members can go online and search for services they’d like to spend their barter dollars on.  This gives you exposure to thousands of businesses you wouldn’t have met otherwise.

Referrals – When a new customer comes to you via the barter network, it’s a great way for them to test you out.  On top of that, your new client is also likely to refer their friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues to you.  Barter is a great way for people to try out your company, trust you, and feel comfortable passing your information out!

Barter Broker – Part of what I do is help businesses connect with other professionals whose services they require.  As your barter broker, I work hard to find you business.  Part of my job requires networking, so I’m constantly out there meeting new people and businesses.  My eyes and ears are always open for an opportunity, and if a connection mentions a need for a service you provide, I’ll make sure to connect you.

Now that you know more about the IMS Barter exchange, you may be thinking about the possibilities of what it can do for your bottom line.  Are you ready to let barter help you find more customers?  Contact me, David Carroll The Barter Guy at 952-856-8866, to find out how you can join the IMS Barter network.  Connect with me on Facebook and LinkedIn to learn more about barter and how IMS members are making it work for them!

Use IMS Barter To Help You Get Your Foot In The Door To Your Next Client

newgiftOne question many business owners may have is how to execute business-to-business marketing.  For this reason, Mark Moroney with Corporate 1st Impressions, has been a barter member for many years.  His goal is to connect businesses with each other, just like IMS is here to help you find new business.  After reading this blog, you’ll understand how Corporate 1st Impressions and IMS can get your foot in the door to a company that could become your biggest client.

When your company depends on creating relationships with other businesses, it can be difficult to get to the decision maker simply by going door to door.  It’s helpful to make a bigger impression with the use of gifts and personalized, high-quality promotional items.  By becoming a sponsor of Corporate 1st Impressions, you’ll do just that.  You choose the area you want to represent your business in and when new businesses move into the area, a gift basket filled with your and other business’ promotional items is delivered to welcome the new company to the area.  When you choose your area, you’ll be the only business represented in that gift basket.  Therefore, if you’re a printer, you’ll be the only printer advertising and welcoming that new business to the neighborhood via the gift basket.  By becoming a sponsor, you’ll also be joining a company that has their business plan down to a science.  Corporate 1st Impressions is celebrating their 5th year in connecting new or moving companies with the services they need.

Mark has been a long-time barter customer.  The IMS Barter system works for him because of the unique businesses it puts him in touch with.  I work hard to be Mark’s barter broker to put him in touch with new or moving businesses he wouldn’t have met otherwise.  This helps him to introduce his unique service to other businesses that need to get in touch with other companies.

Do you want to learn more about how you can use barter to promote your business and make a good impression on a new company in your area?  Contact me, David Carroll The Barter Guy, at 952-856-8866 to get in the IMS Barter network directory today!  Connect with me on Facebook and LinkedIn to get updated on my weekly blog where I feature a different barter member each week!

How To Use Barter To Advertise To Other Businesses

Ink SIG LogoJoining the IMS Barter network is a great way to get exposure to thousands of other businesses you wouldn’t have met otherwise.  That’s the opportunity that Mel Masters of InkSIG saw when he was approached about joining the IMS Barter exchange.  If you’re a business that doesn’t have a highly visible store front, but your ideal client is other businesses, IMS Barter is an ideal place for you to advertise your business.  Read about how Mel plans to use barter as an important tool for his business.

InkSIG is a Minneapolis based textile printing company.  What does that mean?  It means that InkSIG can print high quality, multi-color images on just about any textile.  If your logo has specific colors, ensure brand continuity across your newsletter, website, Facebook page, printed materials, and uniforms by tasking InkSIG with your project.  By using an ink jet printer, InkSIG has the ability to use over 16,000 colors on your project.  From logos to photographs, InkSIG can do it all.

When approached about using barter as a tool in his business, Mel saw this as a golden opportunity for his business.  Their warehouse is located in Minneapolis, however there isn’t any obvious storefront or signage to promote their business to other local businesses.  Since their ideal customer is a business owner with large-scale textile printing needs, Mel has been looking for a way to expose InkSIG to other businesses.  By joining IMS Barter, Mel is now a part of a network of thousands of businesses that are going to need his services.  When Mel fills otherwise empty time with barter orders, Mel is showing what InkSIG can do for his customers’ businesses, thus resulting in future cash business from the referrals of those barter customers.

Are you a business owner looking for more exposure to other businesses?  By joining IMS Barter, you not only earn a spot in our network directory that other businesses regularly search, but you stand to increase your bottom line by $5,000 – $10,000 at the end of the year by using barter dollars for things you would normally pay cash for.  It’s like getting paid to advertise your business!  If you’re interested in learning more about barter, contact me, David Carroll The Barter Guy at 952-856-8866, so you can start increasing your bottom line today.  Connect with me on Facebook and LinkedIn where I regularly share information about new IMS Barter members and share their success stories!

How Do You Advertise Your Business When Cash Is Tight?

small_396542727You’ve opened the doors to your new business and are ready for customers, but where are all the customers?  Your store is empty and it’s clear you need to do some advertising.  The only problem is, you don’t have any money to do the kind of advertising your business needs.  That’s where barter comes in to help new businesses.

To join the IMS barter network, contact me, David Carroll The Barter Guy.  Once you’re a member of the IMS network, not only will your new business gain exposure to all of the other members of our barter network, you will also be able to start earning barter dollars.  When you do barter work for someone in the IMS network, the barter dollars you have earned are recorded and available for you to use on things you would normally pay cash for, such as advertising!

If you’re eager to get advertising right away, you can use the advertising services of an IMS member, such as N2 Publishing before you’ve earned barter dollars.  It’s like taking a loan out from IMS.  The dollars it takes to get your advertising project done is recorded within our system and a balance is placed on your account.  When you do work for another IMS member, the barter dollars you earn go towards paying back your balance.

In both scenarios IMS allows you to use barter dollars for something you would normally pay cash for.  This leaves your cash in your pocket, increases your bottom line, and increases your network.

If you’d like to learn more about barter and how IMS can help you grow your business, contact The Barter Guy.  You can find me online or follow me on Facebook and LinkedIn to learn more.

Keep Your Cash And Landscape Your Yard

small__6461986535A really exciting part of being a member of the IMS barter network is discovering a service within the network, that you are about to pay cash for, but now you can purchase it using your barter dollars.  There is, of course, practically anything you could think of, but sometimes that’s the problem, thinking of it!  As a member of IMS, I want you to think of this expanding network as your go-to yellow pages.  Whenever you need a service done around the house, first look to see how your barter dollars can be used for this service.

Since the springtime weather is fast approaching, homeowners are starting to get anxious to get in their yards and execute their gardening plans.  However, if you’re stuck at a standstill with your landscape design, consider consulting with a professional.  One of our newest members, Bob Caola with Caola Landscape Services, has a multitude of services to help you beautify your lawn:

  • New landscapes
  • Renovations
  • Retaining walls
  • Sprinkler systems, installation, service and repair
  • Ponds and waterfalls
  • Brick pavers
  • Rock mulch and edging
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Decks and fences
  • Lawn maintenance
  • Excavating
  • And more!

Using your barter dollars is easy to improve the curb appeal of your home.  Simply log on to the IMS website, contact Bob Caola and report the use of those dollars to IMS.  You will have a beautiful new yard, patio, or fire pit to enjoy for years to come.  You’ll have a great new outdoor living space without having to dip into your savings for the project, leaving your cash in the bank.  The main goal is to use your accumulated barter dollars and strengthen your barter network to increase your bottom line.  For continued ideas on how best to maximize not only your barter dollars, but also your cash dollars, follow me, David Carroll The Barter Guy, on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Subscribe To The Barter Guy’s Newsletter

medium_512309138This week I’d like to share something exciting that is going on in my own barter business.  I’m constantly trying to figure out new ways to get in front of my prospects and new ways to keep in touch with my existing clients.  Relationships are so important in business and I work hard to cultivate those relationships.  I believe that barter is such an important tool for business owners to keep in their hip pocket.  A tool, a means to gain customers, a way to get in front of new prospects, and a way to grow your business 5-15%.  Because of this, I love sharing barter success stories with my contacts and giving clients good ideas of how they can best maximize their cash flow.  Using your barter dollars frees up cash in your bottom line to pay for things like taxes and utilities.  I stay in front of my contacts using a multitude of mediums:

  • Networking
  • Blogging
  • Social media

The most recent tool I’ve implemented to keep in touch is a newsletter.  This is something I’m very excited about, so I invite you to subscribe on my newly redesigned website.  Once per month you’ll be informed of my latest blogs via email, which will give you a snap shot of what’s new and interesting in the barter world.  My blogs will then dig into the nitty gritty of what I touch on in my newsletters.  They will be full of fun and informative content about barter and how you can use it in your daily life as well as in your business.  I would love to include your success stories on how barter has worked for you.  Send me, David Carroll The Barter Guy, your success stories so you and your business can be featured in my blog!  You can be notified of my new blog posts also by following me on Facebook or connecting with me on LinkedIn.  I look forward to keeping in touch with you!

Twin Cities Metro Women Directory Connects Women in Business

large_8412601296When The Barter Guy approached Shannon Johnson of Twin Cities Metro Women Directory, joining the IMS Barter Exchange directory was a no brainer for her. Shannon understands the importance of including barter as part of your business. It’s a great way to reach out to new businesses and connect with them. Twin Cities Metro Women directory is a free bimonthly publication featuring businesswomen of the metro. Shannon connects women by maintaining an online directory, a newsletter, as well as a printed publication. Funding for the publication comes from women in business advertising both on the website as well as the printed publication. This service is offered through barter and ranges anywhere between $119/month – $639/month. Women are consumers too and in this publication you’ll find anyone from realtors, financial experts, to skin care consultants. The possibilities are limitless as to who is going to see your advertisement. So, if you’re a woman with a start up business, getting connected with other women of the metro area will get you the exposure you need to be successful. Aside from additional exposure for your business in Twin Cities Metro Women Directory, you’ll find support and tips to make the day-to-day balancing of schedules for both business and home a little easier.

  • Tips for saying “no”
  • Five habits of successful people
  • Simplifying life
  • Tips for putting yourself first and how that benefits others

If you’re a woman who is new to the metro area, becoming familiar with this directory will help you feel connected with other women in the Twin Cities area. If you’re a woman with a start up business, but don’t have a lot of dollars for advertising, contact The Barter Guy to join the IMS network and use barter dollars for your advertising. Together The Barter Guy and Twin Cities Metro Women Directory want to get you connected so your business can fly as high as you want it to. Be sure to follow The Barter Guy on Facebook and LinkedIn to keep on top of all the great ways barter can help you grow your business on average of 5-10%.

Video Testimonials Through Barter Will Boost Business

large_6355318323-150x150One of the most powerful advertising tools is a video testimonial. Written testimonials are great, but who’s to say you didn’t make them up to put on your website? Of course, you would never do that, but visitors to your website don’t know that. Think about how much more powerful it would be to have actual customers talk about their experience with your business to your potential clients. It’s almost as good as a word of mouth testimonial. What makes video testimonials even more powerful is a professionally done video. This shows that good customer service is important enough to you to spend time and money on it to make sure your philosophies are highlighted properly.

Not only will this make your website more interesting, thus keeping potential customers on it longer, it will also help you by way of improving your SEO. Your videos should all link to YouTube. Clicks on your website that take people to external sources increase your rating with Google, thus bumping you up on the search engine.

So, we now know that video testimonials and SEO are both very important things for your business and will help you gain more clients. How you go about achieving this is where I come in. IMS has professional videographers in their network for you to use your barter dollars on. This is yet another case where you can use barter dollars, instead of cash, to advertise for your business and gain cash paying customers in return. This will then leave your cash free for you to use for things you can’t pay for barter dollars with, such as office rent. If you’re interested in learning about all the ways barter can not only keep cash in your pocket, but also get you more cash business be sure to follow The Barter Guy on Facebook and LinkedIn for weekly tips.