How Barter Can Find You New Business

DitterEvery business is going to have a need for heating, cooling, or electrical at some point.  Barter is a great way to cover those expenses that, inevitably, come up.  That’s what Chuck Winkler of Ditter Heating, Cooling, and Electrical saw when he heard me, The Barter Guy, speak about the IMS Barter exchange.  This week’s blog showcases Ditter Heating, Cooling, and Electrical, who over the past year have utilized barter as an important tool to grow their business.

The most recent experience Chuck and his team of technicians had with barter was in a bar.  I was talking with the owner of a bar in Minneapolis, and he happened to mention their air conditioning wasn’t working.  This was during the summer, an unacceptable time for a business to lose their cool when their focus is on a good customer experience.  I put him in touch with Chuck and, since they were both members, they agreed to do the job through the IMS Barter exchange.  When Chuck and his team dug into the cooling problem, they found that a part of the cooling system needed to be replaced.  However, since the part needed to be ordered, Ditter’s team repaired the problem for the time being for an immediate fix.  Eventually, the part will still need to be replaced, which will turn into $9K worth of business that Ditter wouldn’t have seen without the IMS Barter network and me connecting the two business owners.

Do you own a business that is reliant on an excellent customer experience?  Whether your indoor air is too hot or too cold, comfort is essential to getting people in the door and coming back again.  Contact me, David Carroll The Barter Guy at 952-856-8866, to become part of the IMS Barter network.  Once you are a member, you can start using services like Ditter Heating, Cooling, and Electrical on barter.  I’ll even work to connect you with businesses that need your services so you can start earning barter dollars right away!  Connect with me on Facebook and LinkedIn to learn more about why you should have barter in your business toolbox!

Use IMS Barter To Help You Get Your Foot In The Door To Your Next Client

newgiftOne question many business owners may have is how to execute business-to-business marketing.  For this reason, Mark Moroney with Corporate 1st Impressions, has been a barter member for many years.  His goal is to connect businesses with each other, just like IMS is here to help you find new business.  After reading this blog, you’ll understand how Corporate 1st Impressions and IMS can get your foot in the door to a company that could become your biggest client.

When your company depends on creating relationships with other businesses, it can be difficult to get to the decision maker simply by going door to door.  It’s helpful to make a bigger impression with the use of gifts and personalized, high-quality promotional items.  By becoming a sponsor of Corporate 1st Impressions, you’ll do just that.  You choose the area you want to represent your business in and when new businesses move into the area, a gift basket filled with your and other business’ promotional items is delivered to welcome the new company to the area.  When you choose your area, you’ll be the only business represented in that gift basket.  Therefore, if you’re a printer, you’ll be the only printer advertising and welcoming that new business to the neighborhood via the gift basket.  By becoming a sponsor, you’ll also be joining a company that has their business plan down to a science.  Corporate 1st Impressions is celebrating their 5th year in connecting new or moving companies with the services they need.

Mark has been a long-time barter customer.  The IMS Barter system works for him because of the unique businesses it puts him in touch with.  I work hard to be Mark’s barter broker to put him in touch with new or moving businesses he wouldn’t have met otherwise.  This helps him to introduce his unique service to other businesses that need to get in touch with other companies.

Do you want to learn more about how you can use barter to promote your business and make a good impression on a new company in your area?  Contact me, David Carroll The Barter Guy, at 952-856-8866 to get in the IMS Barter network directory today!  Connect with me on Facebook and LinkedIn to get updated on my weekly blog where I feature a different barter member each week!

How To Use Barter To Advertise To Other Businesses

Ink SIG LogoJoining the IMS Barter network is a great way to get exposure to thousands of other businesses you wouldn’t have met otherwise.  That’s the opportunity that Mel Masters of InkSIG saw when he was approached about joining the IMS Barter exchange.  If you’re a business that doesn’t have a highly visible store front, but your ideal client is other businesses, IMS Barter is an ideal place for you to advertise your business.  Read about how Mel plans to use barter as an important tool for his business.

InkSIG is a Minneapolis based textile printing company.  What does that mean?  It means that InkSIG can print high quality, multi-color images on just about any textile.  If your logo has specific colors, ensure brand continuity across your newsletter, website, Facebook page, printed materials, and uniforms by tasking InkSIG with your project.  By using an ink jet printer, InkSIG has the ability to use over 16,000 colors on your project.  From logos to photographs, InkSIG can do it all.

When approached about using barter as a tool in his business, Mel saw this as a golden opportunity for his business.  Their warehouse is located in Minneapolis, however there isn’t any obvious storefront or signage to promote their business to other local businesses.  Since their ideal customer is a business owner with large-scale textile printing needs, Mel has been looking for a way to expose InkSIG to other businesses.  By joining IMS Barter, Mel is now a part of a network of thousands of businesses that are going to need his services.  When Mel fills otherwise empty time with barter orders, Mel is showing what InkSIG can do for his customers’ businesses, thus resulting in future cash business from the referrals of those barter customers.

Are you a business owner looking for more exposure to other businesses?  By joining IMS Barter, you not only earn a spot in our network directory that other businesses regularly search, but you stand to increase your bottom line by $5,000 – $10,000 at the end of the year by using barter dollars for things you would normally pay cash for.  It’s like getting paid to advertise your business!  If you’re interested in learning more about barter, contact me, David Carroll The Barter Guy at 952-856-8866, so you can start increasing your bottom line today.  Connect with me on Facebook and LinkedIn where I regularly share information about new IMS Barter members and share their success stories!