Dramatically Lower Your Office Cleaning Costs

small__2480598087Are you a doctor, lawyer, dentist or accountant with some extra hours that you would like to get paid for?  For example, if The Barter Guy finds you a new client that pays you $4000 barter dollars for hours you normally wouldn’t have billed, you can use those barter dollars to clean your office twice a month for a year.  That’s $4000 cash dollars you get to keep in your pocket.  Keeping up on cleaning even in the lowest of traffic areas is important for the maintenance of your office.  IMS has made it possible to get more cleaning done during this exceptionally dirty time of year, but still keep your cash in your pocket.

When I approached our newest IMS member, Mark Skipper with MAS Office Cleaners, to talk to him about barter, I already had a client in mind for him.  Mark saw a big opportunity to get his new business in front of a network of people he wouldn’t ordinarily meet and thought it was a smart business move to become a part of the IMS network.  Mark’s services include cleaning businesses of low traffic area that typically have 1-10 employees.  They are typically office suites in business parks that house businesses like insurance agencies, law offices, and CPA firms.  If this sounds like your office, consider keeping your cash in your pocket and calling MAS Office Cleaners.  MAS Office Cleaners handles the cleaning duties that these busy professionals don’t necessarily have time to take care of on their own:

  • Vacuuming
  • Sweeping
  • Restrooms
  • Break room cleanup

Spring is a muddy time of year.  It seems no matter what precautions are taken, leftover salt, sand, and mud on shoes gets tracked inside.  Because of this, normally low traffic offices may find it necessary to beef up their cleaning efforts.  Keep your office spotless once per month, twice per month, or once per week with a cleaning package from MAS Office Cleaners.  Keep your cash in your pocket, increase your bottom line, and keep your office shining!  If you’re already part of the barter network, you can contact MAS Office Cleaners through the IMS website.  If you want to find out how you can free up your cash and use barter dollars instead, contact me, David Carroll The Barter Guy, to get your business exposed to the other businesses in the IMS barter network.  Make sure to follow me on Facebook and LinkedIn to get updates on all the valuable connections in the IMS network.

Twin Cities Metro Women Directory Connects Women in Business

large_8412601296When The Barter Guy approached Shannon Johnson of Twin Cities Metro Women Directory, joining the IMS Barter Exchange directory was a no brainer for her. Shannon understands the importance of including barter as part of your business. It’s a great way to reach out to new businesses and connect with them. Twin Cities Metro Women directory is a free bimonthly publication featuring businesswomen of the metro. Shannon connects women by maintaining an online directory, a newsletter, as well as a printed publication. Funding for the publication comes from women in business advertising both on the website as well as the printed publication. This service is offered through barter and ranges anywhere between $119/month – $639/month. Women are consumers too and in this publication you’ll find anyone from realtors, financial experts, to skin care consultants. The possibilities are limitless as to who is going to see your advertisement. So, if you’re a woman with a start up business, getting connected with other women of the metro area will get you the exposure you need to be successful. Aside from additional exposure for your business in Twin Cities Metro Women Directory, you’ll find support and tips to make the day-to-day balancing of schedules for both business and home a little easier.

  • Tips for saying “no”
  • Five habits of successful people
  • Simplifying life
  • Tips for putting yourself first and how that benefits others

If you’re a woman who is new to the metro area, becoming familiar with this directory will help you feel connected with other women in the Twin Cities area. If you’re a woman with a start up business, but don’t have a lot of dollars for advertising, contact The Barter Guy to join the IMS network and use barter dollars for your advertising. Together The Barter Guy and Twin Cities Metro Women Directory want to get you connected so your business can fly as high as you want it to. Be sure to follow The Barter Guy on Facebook and LinkedIn to keep on top of all the great ways barter can help you grow your business on average of 5-10%.

Advertise Using Barter Dollars

medium_370408063-150x150When business is slow your gut reaction is to beef up advertising. But what happens when you look in your advertising budget and you see a bunch of zeros and those zeros have no other numbers in front of them? People use barter dollars for advertising all the time. It might be difficult for someone to think about bartering with an advertising company, such as a magazine, when your good or service isn’t something that an ad agency would necessarily use. With one on one or business-to-business barter, there is always the chance of someone feeling like they got the raw end of the deal. Using a barter exchange like, IMS, puts a broker in the middle to get rid of this worry and frustration. Because IMS works hard to make sure everyone in the network is getting business, our brokers have made the connection with Minnesota Monthly for other IMS members to advertise with.

Minnesota Monthly is a magazine that lets Minnesotans know who the best doctors, restaurants and shops are in the state. Advertising in this monthly publication is sure to give your business a boost. The best part about using barter dollars to advertise is it’s sure to help you get cash business. So, if during the slow months you put out a coupon and it gets you business, that’s great. You’re still getting work, but at a discounted rate. Why not use barter dollars to get cash business? Don’t worry if your IMS account is also showing a bunch of zeros, IMS will let you borrow against your account so you can pay those dollars back in the form of work when business picks up again. This is perfect for new businesses. Like I said, we want to help you get more business. In fact, on average you’ll gain 5-10% more than what you would have had without joining IMS.

Contact The Barter Guy and connect with me on LinkedIn to learn about all the ways barter can help you grow your business and connect with other business owners.