Twin Cities Metro Women Directory Connects Women in Business

large_8412601296When The Barter Guy approached Shannon Johnson of Twin Cities Metro Women Directory, joining the IMS Barter Exchange directory was a no brainer for her. Shannon understands the importance of including barter as part of your business. It’s a great way to reach out to new businesses and connect with them. Twin Cities Metro Women directory is a free bimonthly publication featuring businesswomen of the metro. Shannon connects women by maintaining an online directory, a newsletter, as well as a printed publication. Funding for the publication comes from women in business advertising both on the website as well as the printed publication. This service is offered through barter and ranges anywhere between $119/month – $639/month. Women are consumers too and in this publication you’ll find anyone from realtors, financial experts, to skin care consultants. The possibilities are limitless as to who is going to see your advertisement. So, if you’re a woman with a start up business, getting connected with other women of the metro area will get you the exposure you need to be successful. Aside from additional exposure for your business in Twin Cities Metro Women Directory, you’ll find support and tips to make the day-to-day balancing of schedules for both business and home a little easier.

  • Tips for saying “no”
  • Five habits of successful people
  • Simplifying life
  • Tips for putting yourself first and how that benefits others

If you’re a woman who is new to the metro area, becoming familiar with this directory will help you feel connected with other women in the Twin Cities area. If you’re a woman with a start up business, but don’t have a lot of dollars for advertising, contact The Barter Guy to join the IMS network and use barter dollars for your advertising. Together The Barter Guy and Twin Cities Metro Women Directory want to get you connected so your business can fly as high as you want it to. Be sure to follow The Barter Guy on Facebook and LinkedIn to keep on top of all the great ways barter can help you grow your business on average of 5-10%.