Using Barter Dollars to Pay for Dental Work

small_8220697632-150x150Being a long time believer of barter exchanges, Harold Gruesner of Out Source Technology joined IMS Barter when David Carroll, The Barter Guy, acquired the Minnesota franchise of IMS. After acquiring work immediately after joining IMS barter, Harold soon discovered his daughter needed her wisdom teeth pulled. Wanting to use barter dollars for this procedure, Harold called David and asked for the name of a dentist in the barter group. Being a new franchise, David asked for a little bit of time to find a dentist to join the group. A week later David called Harold with a name of a dentist who agreed to join and Harold made an appointment for a consultation. Having gone to the same dentist for the past 25 years, Harold and his daughter first interviewed the dentist and toured the facility. After the interview and tour both felt comfortable and made an appointment to have Harold’s daughter’s wisdom teeth taken out. The surgery cost around $4000 and Harold was able to pay for most of the procedure using IMS barter dollars. That’s $4000 cash he can use for other necessary cash expenses such as mortgage or car payments.

This truly is a win-win barter success story. Even though Harold had been going to the same dentist for 25 years, he decided to give a new dentist a shot because of their association with IMS barter. Now, a new relationship has been formed between patient and dentist. Shortly after Harold’s daughter’s wisdom teeth procedure, Harold discovered he needed some dental work done. He liked the attention and facility of the new dentist so much he decided to return there for his procedure and has been a cash paying customer ever since. So, through IMS, Harold found a new dentist and the dentist found a new cash-paying client. At the end of the day, Harold got a new customer that paid him with barter dollars. Therefore, Harold got a new customer, that customer paid Harold in barter dollars and Harold used barter dollars instead of cash for his dental work and was able to save his cash for other purchases.

Let IMS and The Barter Guy connect you with new prospects. It’s a fact that there are some things that are just difficult to pay cash for. Dental work, printing, advertising, and several intangible things that are necessary to run a business. Once you try barter, you’ll be a believer just like Harold.