Video Testimonials Through Barter Will Boost Business

large_6355318323-150x150One of the most powerful advertising tools is a video testimonial. Written testimonials are great, but who’s to say you didn’t make them up to put on your website? Of course, you would never do that, but visitors to your website don’t know that. Think about how much more powerful it would be to have actual customers talk about their experience with your business to your potential clients. It’s almost as good as a word of mouth testimonial. What makes video testimonials even more powerful is a professionally done video. This shows that good customer service is important enough to you to spend time and money on it to make sure your philosophies are highlighted properly.

Not only will this make your website more interesting, thus keeping potential customers on it longer, it will also help you by way of improving your SEO. Your videos should all link to YouTube. Clicks on your website that take people to external sources increase your rating with Google, thus bumping you up on the search engine.

So, we now know that video testimonials and SEO are both very important things for your business and will help you gain more clients. How you go about achieving this is where I come in. IMS has professional videographers in their network for you to use your barter dollars on. This is yet another case where you can use barter dollars, instead of cash, to advertise for your business and gain cash paying customers in return. This will then leave your cash free for you to use for things you can’t pay for barter dollars with, such as office rent. If you’re interested in learning about all the ways barter can not only keep cash in your pocket, but also get you more cash business be sure to follow The Barter Guy on Facebook and LinkedIn for weekly tips.