Who Is The Barter Guy And What Can He Do For Me?

The Barter Guy is David Carroll. He has many years experience in helping companies just like yours make more money. David works with Boomerang Barter to help your business grow. He will sit down with you to better understand your business and to determine if he can help you. If you and David agree that Barter is a good fit for your business he goes to work for you in two simple ways.

  1. First, The Barter Guy finds you new customers that you probably wouldn’t find without him. These customers pay you all or in part with barter dollars.
  2. Second, The Barter Guy works with you to spend these dollars on products and services where you or your business now pays cash.

The end result is that you will have more customers and more cash than you would have otherwise.

Another added benefit of doing business with The Barter Guy and Boomerang is that you and your business will be introduced and exposed to a whole new network of hundreds of new businesses that need what you have and are anxious to refer you to others.

If you need new customers and want to conserve your hard earned cash call the Barter Guy today.