Your Business Can Use Barter To Get A Compelling Video

ds productionsWhen you have a large event that requires audio and video, you want to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible.  When you barter for products and services, you also want that transaction to go smooth.  In this blog, read about how IMS Barter can be as important of a tool in your business as audiovisual equipment can be for your next big event.

Dennis Schuller, owner of DS Productions, offers clients in the IMS network a video for your business, talent, or for a friend or family member in digital or disc form as low as $150.00.

“The most important part of any kind of production is the effectiveness of the final product. That’s why I stand behind my service and will always make your satisfaction my main priority.”

Set an appointment to discuss your upcoming project or visit us online at  Check out these links to see some advertisements Dennis and DS Productions have worked on:



Recently Dennis sent this special Video message to us and we thank him for his warm wishes

As a small business offering a product or service, you may have an open house, client appreciation party, or seminar, which will require you to make a professional presentation.  By joining IMS Barter, you will be able to earn barter dollars by providing your product or service via barter to other IMS members.  With those barter dollars you have earned, you can then turn around and use them to create a professional video for your company.  By kicking your advertising up a notch, you’ll be better equipped to show your clients how you can serve them, thus resulting in cash business.

To learn more about using barter as a tool in your business, contact me, David Carroll The Barter Guy, at 952-856-8866 and start earning barter dollars today!  I work hard as your barter broker to find you business that you wouldn’t have had otherwise.  Connect with me on Facebook and LinkedIn where I share my weekly blog updates, which feature a different IMS member each week!